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Convert More Video Clients & Retain Them Longer

Fuel the growth of your video business and build stronger client relationships with an automated and efficient sales process.


Automated Video Clients Makes Landing Video Deals a Whole Lot Easier

Step 1

Seize Every Opportunity

Automatically capture and convert each interaction into potential clients. Promote your business to turn them into paying clients.

Step 2

Make Informed Decisions

Effortlessly manage and track each lead's progress in your sales process. Focus your energy on the leads closest to making a purchase decision.

Step 3

Accelerate Your Sales

Utilize our checkout pages, invoicing options, and text-to-pay links to seamlessly convert video clients online and receive payment promptly.


Close More Video Deals with Less Effort

  • Harness a sales pipeline built to maximize video deal conversions for your business

  • Automated tasks and follow-ups help move leads closer to becoming a deal

  • Stay informed in real-time, ensuring you're on top of every opportunity

  • Whether you're a solo videographer, a small team, or a large production company, Automated Video Clients keeps you organized and streamlined, ensuring no potential video client slips through the cracks


Turn Contacts Into Opportunites

  • Automatically generate a contact for every call, text, email, or social media message received

  • Each new contact represents a potential video deal

  • Centralize clients' notes, tasks, appointments, calls, contracts, emails, and all related information in one place

  • Stay organized and in control of your client relationships


Simplify Client Payments

Create and send invoices in as little as 30 seconds

  • Set up recurring invoices and enable retainer clients to auto-pay

  • Automatically send payment reminders and overdue notifications

  • Eliminate the need for separate invoicing software subscriptions, saving you money.


Get Paid Faster

  • Send secure payment links directly to your clients' phones via text

  • Clients can conveniently enter their payment information and instantly complete the transaction, ensuring you receive the money immediately

  • Generate payment links on the go using our mobile app, enabling quick payments within minutes


Easily Sell Online

  • Create easy-to-use, customizable checkout forms, allowing you to start selling online within minutes

  • Sell subscriptions or set up one-time payments

  • Maximize each order with instant, one-click upsells

  • Create customized automation after a sale for a seamless customer experience


Boost Your Video Production Company's Reputation

  • Increase trust and attract more business with positive reviews

  • Automatically send review requests via text to simplify the process for your customers

  • Improve your Google ranking with a higher number of 5-star reviews

  • Cultivate a robust online reputation that effortlessly brings new video clients to your business


Turn Your Video Clients Into MORE Video Clients

  • Make referral processes simple for clients to refer their connections

  • Benefit from the power of word-of-mouth marketing, as 92% of clients are more likely to make a purchase when referred by someone they know

  • Harness the effectiveness of referral marketing to generate new video clients and foster repeat business


Unlock Valuable Insights to Drive Business Growth

  • Access key analytics to make better business decisions

  • Understand what strategies are working well and identify areas for improvement

  • Uncover untapped growth opportunities within your video business

See what our clients have to say

We've grown to multiple 6-figures a year!

With a refocused approach we've been able to grow to multiple 6-figures a year… and we’re on track for 7-figures this year!

Roger Metcalf

The Video Garage

They have all the tools available to generate leads for your video business.

They really understand running a video production company, and have all the tools available to help create a digital marketing pipeline to generate leads for your video business.

Bernard Bonomo

Bonomotion Video Agency

We were able to quickly recover from the pandemic.

We were able to quickly recover from the pandemic by tapping into deeper segments of our target market needing infomercials.

Jeff Young

Shadowbox Pictures

My video business turned a major corner before we'd even finished the Demo Call!

My video business turned a major corner before we'd even finished the Demo Call! I got such massive value because they really listen and guide you on the right path to take.

Michael Cohen

Pop Media Pro

Attract Prospects

Validate Leads

Convert Clients

Business Growth

Transform & Accelerate Your Video Business With Automated Video Clients

Land video deals on the go with our mobile app.

  • Get real-time notifications straight to your phone

  • Chat with your video clients & leads right from the app

Never miss another opportunity again


Streamline Sales

Generate More Leads

Build Your Brand

Impress Existing Customers

AutomButtonate Tasks


Automated Video Clients is a video production marketing system for video production company owners to get video clients and grow their video business

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